YZ Derma Throat & Décolleté Cream 50ml

Chemical Free

The specially developed formula is for use on the delicate skin of the throat and decollete area. Enriches the skin with moisture and nutritional elements designed to make the skin feel firm but smooth. It forms and provides maximum protection from the damaging effects of the environment and time.

Contains Anti-Aging ingredients such as:

Cocoa Seed Butter – energizes & replenishes skin + protects barrier from moisture loss + maintains skin elasticity & tone

Vitamin E Antioxidant (protects from environmental pollution) – Improves barrier function of the skin – Rejuvenating – Anti-inflammatory (therapeutic) – Increases moisture levels

Glycerin – Soothing – Emollient – Hydrating

Glyceryl Caprylate Restores natural oils + Regulates skin moisture

Panthenol – Helps skin build up a barrier to protect from irritation + Anti-inflammatory + Improves skin’s hydration, and elasticity & energizes skin promoting a smooth appearance

Eugenol (clove oil) – Treats skin infections + Anti-inflammatory

Geraniol – Antibacterial & Antiseptic – Beneficial for reducing acne breakouts, skin infections irritation

All Ingredients are highly nutritious for the skin