There are up to 43 muscles in the face and, unlike in other areas of the body, the facial muscles are directly connected to the skin. Energizing these muscles to restore lost energy to the tissue results in an improved, lifted, and firm appearance, slowing the aging process.

Zhav Dynamic Lift + Moisture Testing TM is the first machine in the world that can stimulate ALL these facial muscles with an unparalleled intensity that gives optimal non-surgical anti-aging results. The machine uses a high-powered, intense combination of Microcurrent & Faradic current Energy.

Zhav Dynamic Lift + Moisture Testing TM is a natural safe solution to the age management fight giving the ultimate optimal results in a Non-Surgical Face Lift in just 15 min

The MOST Powerful Non-Surgical Facelift in the World


  • Helps improve facial contour and tones & reduces fine lines & firms
  • Increases blood supply to muscles, improving muscle function
  • Stimulates nerve endings & motor points in muscles alerting the brain to ‘wake-up’ muscles that have been dormant
  • Increases skin-cell regeneration and removes dead skin cells
  • Increases circulation drawing fresh oxygen & nutrients to muscles
  • Strengthens & lifts slack facial muscles
  • Increased circulation promotes collagen
  • Muscle memory means longer-lasting results when muscles are retrained
  • It improves lymphatic drainage which boosts skin immunity & health

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