This treatment is designed for all men & women showing signs of ageing in the neck. The treatment is Intense Muscle Stimulation that strengthens muscles in the neck.


  • A significant increase in muscle tone
  • A significant reduction in fine lines and wrinkles
  • A softening of the deeper lines
  • A firming of skin and muscles tissue
  • An increase of oxygenated blood in the dermis muscle and skin tissue
  • An increase in the production of collagen and elastin
  • Increased skin smoothness
  • A significant increase in skin hydration



What is Micro-current and how does it work?
Since the early 1900’s micro-current has been used for cosmetic purposes and has been termed as non-surgical facelift, simply because of its immediate effects on the skin and muscles, offering an alternative to more invasive procedures.
Micro-current  are gentle wave forms that match the inane electrical activity of the body with research revealing that they increase levels of ATP (adenosine triphosphate) in the body and free amino acids in injured cells. Theses currents also promote repair. Micro-current systems use a combination of different wave shapes, hertz and current, that simultaneously are directed through single or dual-tipped probes into the muscle or skin tissue.




Increase blood flow:
As people age, the number and size of the capillaries supplying oxygen and vital nutrients to the dermis decrease, causing the cells of the skin to gradually begin to diminish in size and function. By stimulating blood flow, the skin is re-energised.

Stimulate cellular activity:
Micro-current stimulates and speeds up the rate at which the skin produces its own connective tissue fibres, as well as collagen and elastin, therefore increasing the supportive framework of the dermis.

Stimulate ATP:
It stimulates and speeds up the rate at which the body produces its muscle protein, adenosine tri-phosphate synthesis, reducing the aging effect on muscle tissue and muscle atrophy. As people progress in age the skin starts to deteriorate due to many issues, including gravity, genetics poor skincare, sun exposure, poor nutrition and stress. Additionally, the 30 facial muscles attached directly below the skins surface loses elasticity, becomes weaker and over time start to sag. This makes it more difficult for the muscles to support the skin covering them, and finally results in the appearance of wrinkles, creases and folds.

Re-educating muscles:
Micro-current re-sculpts and re-educates the muscle tissue by lengthening or shortening as necessary utilising the Golgi Tendon Organ Technique. Repeated expressions result in a strengthening and shortening of contractive muscles and a weakening and stretching of the distended muscles, once again creating ever-dreaded wrinkles and creases.