Kit Includes:


Lift & Firm Serum 50ml

This innovative 24 Karat Serum helps to perfect the appearance of the skin by lifting, firming, and enhancing its natural glow. The serum contains 24 Karat Gold, a luxurious active ingredient that delivers an immediate feeling of beauty.

The 24K Gold Serum is also enriched with the exclusive Renovage™ to detoxify your skin and leave it clean and protected every single day. The serum provides superior hydration and smoothness and helps to restore skin softness and radiance. Also could be used as a unique under makeup primer that creates a smooth surface for your makeup.

Illuminating Day & Night Cream 50ml

This innovative 24 Karat Illuminating Day & Night Cream combines your day and night pampering routine into one luxurious cream that moisturizes, enhances natural glow, evens skin tone, and improves firmness and elasticity and all of this in one exclusive product.

The 24 Karat Gold is an active ingredient that brings your daily routine to new heights with the addition of Renovage™, a powerful active ingredient to detoxify the skin and leave you with a fresh complexion.

Firm & Lift Gold Mask 50ml

Our innovative 24 Karat Firm & Lift Gold Mask immerses your skin with the power to protect and revitalize itself. This luxurious and pampering 24 Karat Gold treatment helps to improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles for a youthful-looking complexion.

To further indulge you in your beauty routine we added Renovage™ a powerful active detoxifying ingredient that provides you with a smooth, healthy, and protected complexion. The mask re-energizes and revitalizes the skin, and helps to lift and firm it.

FREE Yaffa Zhav Hand Cream from the Dead Sea

The ever-so-popular Enriched Hand Cream from the Dead Sea is a must for hands that are prone to dry skin, cracked cuticles, and general signs of aging.

Dead Sea minerals stimulate, nourish, and moisturize skin absorbing quickly, protecting your hands from dryness and keeping the skin soft and silky. Leaves the skin soft and smooth for hours.

Enriched with Dead Sea Minerals, Shea Butter, Olive Oil, Beeswax, and Aloe Vera extract.