Multi Energy Cream 50ml

An especially active cream to nurture and moisturise the skin. Acts as a “first aid” for tired or dry skin in need of revival. Light in texture and quickly absorbed. Containing a high concentration of min-capsules that dissolve slowly on the skin, eliminating signs of ageing and tiredness.

Vitamin C Night Cream  50ml
A nutritional cream providing maximum protection from influences and producing an immediate improvement in the appearance of the skin. With a high concentration of Vitamin C to encourage renewal of collagen. An exceptionally effective formula enriched with moisturizing additives, Olive Oil, Wheat Germ, Vitamin E, Dead Sea minerals and a variety of soothing elements.

Anti-Aging Serum 50ml

A highly effective anti aging serum formulated with unique ingredients for maximum protection against skin damage. This rejuvenating serum is enriched with vitamin E & natural vegetable oils Such as: Avocado Oil, Wheat Germ Oil & Carrot Oil, which give skin extra moisture & protection.

In addition, this serum contains Vitamin C, a powerful antioxidant that slows down skin aging. Enjoy this rich serum for a great skin complexion and a healthy, firm and glowing skin.

Recommended for use on thoroughly cleansed skin underneath night cream.

FREE Natural Rose Face and Body Oil 50ML

Defy your age with Yaffa Zhav Natural Rose Face and Body Oil is the perfect solution to the problems caused by Australia’s harsh climate and it’s dehydrating effects. It penetrates much more deeply than Day and Night creams, its dehydrating, nourishing and rejuvenating effects continue up to 24 hours after application.

This face and body oil is 100% natural and chemical free, leaving your face and body silky and smooth, with a fragrance that is pure luxury. Hypo allergenic, made in South Australia, and created with no animal testing.