Retinol Resurfacing Peeling Mask- NEW


YZ Derma Retinol Resurfacing Peeling Mask is a creamy, rinse-off facial mask enriched with Retinyl Palmitate (Vitamin A palmitate) which helps to improve the skin’s texture, firmness, and smoothness. Retinol also plays a role in skin regeneration and anti-aging treatments. 


Retinol– For regeneration of skin cells + Derivative of Vitamin A (Retinyl Palmitate), which improves the skin’s texture, firmness, and smoothness. Vitamin A enhances the water-binding capacity of skin cells

Pro-Vitamin B5– (Panthenol) – Energises the skin

Squalane oil– Increases cell regeneration preventing skin aging & reducing pigmentation + Protects against sun radiation + Therapeutic – good for problem skin, healing infections, soothing

KaolinCleansing properties & excellent exfoliator. Counteracts swelling and floridity – Draws out impurities, toxins, & excess oils from the skin. Soothing & mild healing properties.

Sweet Almond Oil– Relieves dryness & itching