Losing weight and toning up has never been more achievable with Yaffa Zhav Slimming Expert.

The Yaffa Zhav Team stresses the importance of a complete approach to slimming that incorporates healthy eating and an active lifestyle, together with the 4-Step Zhav Slim and Tone plan.

>> Zhav Dynamic Body Tone: This will be the most relaxing full body workout you will ever do! The Zhav Dynamic Body Tone is the most powerful treatment of its type – and the least labour intensive. more info

>> Zhav Bentonite Clay Body Wrap: Guaranteed Inch Loss on First Treatment. This Body Wrap helps rid the body of toxins with a firming and toning process to give immediate results. Perfect for that special occasion, losing that excess baby weight and to kick start your journey to your perfect body. more info


>> Zhav Trim and Tone Body Organic Cream: Zhav Trim and Tone Body Organic Cream tones and improves the skin’s appearance through a blend of natural essential oils and mineral extracts. more info

>> Zhav Spiral Magic Girdle: Lose up to 230 calories per hour! The Zhav Spiral Magic Girdle is a long-lasting wash-and-wear miracle slimming suit that kick-starts and helps maintain weight loss. more info

Eat Healthy & Stay Slim

Yaffa Zhav, CEO of Yaffa Zhav Skin Care Centre has done research on how to keep healthy without using strict diets or having surgery. It’s as simple as eating fresh and healthy ingredients combined with daily physical activity. This could be as simple as playing sport, walking to the store, or walking the dog.

Try the following for 4 weeks and see the difference, click on brochure Pdf. >> read more