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See our full range of skin care products listed in the menu tabs above. Here you’ll find details of our derma plant stem cells products, which includes the revolutionary PhytoCellTec technology.

Our Rose Oil products are renowned for their hydrating properties, and we have cleansers and moisterisers for all skin types.

We also have a wonderful range of rejuvination and anti-ageing products, as well as a number of different masks which will not only help you look good, but will also help your skin feel good too.

The beautiful Yaffa Zhav Skin Care range has more than just the five key anti-ageing compounds from the natural world. Take a look at the Ingredients page and you’ll find plant compounds and extracts, natural vitamins, acids, oils and liposomes.

After all, there’s nothing artificial about real beauty.

The oils used in Yaffa Zhav Skin Care range are all unsaturated and derived from plants including jojoba, almond, olive, wheatgerm, rose hip, primrose and borage. Natural linolenic acids, produced mainly from evening primrose and borage oil, are a very close match to the oily acids naturally present in the skin.

Providing you with the very best in natural beauty products for your skin, some of the Yaffa Zhav Beauty with Nature products contain dead sea minerals. These minerals are renowned world wide for their amazing beauty and rejuvination properties.


Katrina Webb, Paralympic Gold Medalist, ambassador for Yaffa Zhav Beauty with Nature Skin Care. Left – Katrina Webb with Right – Yaffa Zhav CEO

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At its very heart, the Yaffa Zhav Skin Care is true to Yaffa’s philosophy:

‘Nature is the best source of effective skin care that works in complete harmony with the needs of our bodies.’

Expect excellent results, a fresh feeling, and skin that is soothed, refreshed and invigorated.

You can now order these products online. Simply download the ‘order form‘ and forward it to us with your payment details and selected products.

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