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Yaffa Dunning CEO, Finalist in the Ethnic Business Awards 2009 and Nominated in the Business Telstra Awards in Years 2010 – 2014 – 2015

The Beauty Legend behind the world’s premium skin care range

A woman with a commitment to natural solutions, Yaffa Zhav also has the credibility and intuition that comes with over 30 years’ experience as a beauty entrepreneur and innovator.

Yaffa has spent her life researching and refining natural beauty techniques that deliver the proven results that modern people demand. “There isn’t people alive who want to look as though the effects of age and environment are evident on their face,” says Yaffa, “But by the same token, no one really wants to resort to surgery. I believe that the answer lies in natural solutions that work in harmony with the skin and body, stimulating, detoxifying and regenerating. Nature has the answers, we just need to put careful research into finding them.”

YAFFA ZHAV SKIN CARE range is the result of Yaffa’s years spent searching for natural ways to deliver visible results in anti-aging. Finally, here is a section of products created for discerning uses who really want to see a difference when the look in the mirror. Determined to deliver the very best for people everywhere, Yaffa herself has been personally involved throughout the creation of this range, motoring research, production and testing. You can be assured that each product in the range represents an effective combination of natural formulations that will work together with your body for skin that is toned, firm, fresh and younger looking. Beauty with Nature has been the vision from the very start…. and only the very finest carries the name of a beauty legend – Yaffa Zhav.