Radiance Effect Kit with BONUS Hand Cream

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Product Description

Radiance Effect Day Cream | 50ml
The Anti-Ageing Day Cream was developed in order to achieve a radiant and beautiful skin, and to delay the marks of ageing. The Day Cream is enriched with Plant Stem Cells to boost the skin’s Stem Cells into a healthier and more effective action. The Day Cream contains the innovative active ingredient Chromocare™, which fights against chromophores ageing ans skin damage by protecting the skin from oxidative stress. Moreover, the cream contains, Matrixyl™ 3000 for a strong anti wrinkle effect. The result is improvement in texture and age marks, which leads to younger and radiant looking skin.

Energizing Night Cream| 50ml
Most of the rejuvenating and rebuilding activity of the skin takes place during the night. The Energizing Night Cream provides essential Active Ingredients designed to assist the skin in performing these actions more effectively. The cream encourages the activity of the skin’s Stem Cells, which results in a visible Anti-Ageing effect.In addition, the formula contains powerful Anti-Ageing ingredient, Matrixyl™ 3000 with the unique ability to significantly decrease the depth of wrinkles, and Chronodyn™, to stimulate cutaneous vitality and energy, to firm the skin and reduce the signs of fatigue.

Firming Face Serum | 50ml
This innovative face serum provides maximum Anti-Aging effect. The formula combines a rich selection of Anti-Aging ingredients for an intensive treatment. The serum is based on the innovative PhytoCellTec™  technology which acts to boost the skin Stem Cells into a more effective intense action. The serum is enriched with Renovage™ – a comprehensive Active Ingredient that fights against all signs of aging: wrinkled, pores, redness, dehydrating, age spots, ineffective barrier functions etc. Matrixyl™3000 which has a strong wrinkle-decrease effect, and  Chronodyn™, which stimulates cutaneous vitality and energy, firms the skin and reduces the signs of fatigue.




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